St.Peter’s College Old Boys Union

A few months after the change of the name from St. Joseph’s college south to St. Peter College, The inaugural Meeting of St.Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union took place on 15 October 1927, presided over by the rector, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Perera. From 1927 to 1977 a period of 50 years, the college Rector was ex-officio the President of the Old Boys’ Union.

In 1977 Rev. Fr. Francis Madiwela mooted the idea of electing a President among members of the Old Boys’ union, with Rector becoming the patron of the union. Accordingly a 3 man Sub Committee comprising J. A. R. Felix, C.E. Maurice Perera and George Wijesinghe was appointed to draft a new constitution incorporating the new proposal. This new constitution was adopted on the 4th December 1977, and J.A.R. Felix was elected as the first President of the Old Boys’ Union.


Today after a long history of more than 80 years the old Boys’ Union consists of a membership of over many thousands takes pride in the fact that the objectives of the union as spelled out in the constitution.


  • To keep the past students of St. Peter’s College in a purposeful relationship with their Alma Mater and thereby maintain within them and among them a spirit of Loyalty to their Alma Mater.
  • To obtain the advice, support and co-operation of past students in all matters affecting St. Peter’s College particularly
  • In promoting the advancement, progress and welfare of the school.
  • In promoting and advancing the educational, cultural, recreational,social and economic welfare of the students of St. Peter’s College.
  • The AGM of the OBU is held on the mid month of June annually and the financial year of the OBU starts from the 31st of March each year.