Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 10th Annual General Meeting

of the Track & Field Foundation of St. Peter’s College will be held on

Friday , 17th August 2017, at 7.00pm at the Secretariat of the Old Boys Union,

St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4



1) Opening Prayer

2) Reading of Notice Convening the meeting

3) Adoption of Minutes of the 9th AGM

4) Adoption of the Annual Report

5) Adoption of the Treasurer’s report / annual accounts

6) Address by the President

7) Address by the Vice Patron (President of the OBU)

8) Address by the Patron (Rector, St. Peter’s College)

9) Election of Office Bearers

10) Any other business – of which 14 days’ notice has been given.

By the order of the committee of management



Roshan Abeygoonewardena
Hony. Secretary

Dated 26th July 2018