Courtesy Ravika:

A coaching camp of (1/2 day) was carried out at St. Peter’s College on Sunday the 21st of February 2016.


The agenda for the event was as follows:

  • Prayers followed by breakfast
  • Registration of players (in order to update our database)
  • Training Session
    • College Anthem
    • Breif history of St. Peter’s College Hockey explained by Mr. Rohan Dissanayake, Mr. Indika Prasanna and Mr. Ravika de Silva
    • Training Session
  • Exhibition Match between Old Boys and Present Team in order to guide the junior boys with the College Hockey traditions
  • Sunday Holy Hass
  • Multi Media Presentation (Board Lesson) for players and parents
  • Parents meeting where valuable feedback was obtained


Plans for the future in order to discipline and groom Hockey Players to be responsible Citizens were also discussed, where a few being:

  • Gradually increase the usage English at the practice sessions
  • Assign duties to the players and they have present a report at the monthly Hockey meeting.
  • Food and practice attire should be strictly followed and monitored by the parents.
  • To organize some leadership sessions.
  • Organize regular Coaching Camps.
  • Until the Coach attend, all the Hockey players should assemble near pavilion when they attend practices.


It was a successful day where 63 Present Hockey Players, 14 Old Boys and 46 Parents attended. The programme was sponsored by OPSC – Hockey.


Future practice sessions details available at this link.


Images of the camp are also available the OPSC Facebook Page