Courtesy St Peter’s College Athletics:

The Primary sports meet was held on the 26th of February in a very colourful atmosphere at the College grounds. The theme was Greek/Roman Olympics and the entrance, the pavilion, the House décor, etc, was all in tune with this theme, replete with students dressed as Roman guards.
A novel method was adopted to have the final points tally brought and delivered to the Principal of the Primary Section, Fr. Samith Fernando. Instead of describing the method I invite you to look at the pictures. (Link available below)
The Chief Guest was Mr. Jehan Jayasuriya, a past cricket captain and his mother, Sandya.
Paris House were the eventual winners and while congratulating them one must unhesitatingly congratulate the Rector, the Principal of the Primary Section and the staff involved in organising this very successful event.


Pictures of the event available at The Athletics Facebook Page