Dear Gentlemen,
Back to Skool 3 hosted by Group of 93/94 along with SPC OBU to celebrate the Global Peterite Reunion will be held on 5th March from 9.30 a.m onward at College premises.
The event line up will include
  • 09.30a.m – Sunday morning mass at College Chapel
  • 10.30a.m – Assembly at Quadrangle
  • 11.00a.m – Interval with Maalu Paan & Tea (Fish Buns)
  • 11.30a.m – Back to Classrooms (if we can grab all in)
  • 01.00p.m – Lunch & Social and Peterite Lounge (if we can accommodate all)
  • 04.00p.m – St.Peter’s College Vs Royal College Rugger match at College Grounds (if too sober, can watch it from the Lounge too)
Tickets – Rs.1500 per person (to be paid at the entrance or Batch/Branch Presidents to collect and settle. This does not include rugger match ticket)
Dress code – Blue Shorts & White Shirts
As requested by OBU President Romeish De Mel, GPRU Project Chairman Roshan Dharmaratne and as the Back to Skool project chair myself, we would appreciate if you can promote this among your respective members, batch mates and colleagues and get us confirmations on the participation on or before 25th Feb’2017 so we can make all arrangements to ensure this year’s event too runs smoothly and brings back plenty of wonderful memories to all Peterites.
Your spouses and kids can come (to witness your frolics and rags), there won’t be any charge levied on them. However, they will have to purchase their snacks and lunch.
We have limited number of Blue Shorts available and for those who doesn’t’ have, ask them to get in touch with us or write to or follow us on Facebook.