The St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union in its 90th year has organised a reunion of the Old Boys of their Alma Mater to be held from 2nd to 11th March 2017. A first in the history of the Union, this event also coincides with the 95th anniversary of St. Peter’s College.


The organisers have arranged for several events during the 10 days the programme lasts and these include the annual Stag Night on 2nd March, the Big Match against St. Joseph’s College more popularly known as the Battle of the Saints on 3rd and 4th March, a Back to School event on 5th March (Sunday), a formal meeting with the Committee of Management for the visiting Old Boys on 9th, a gala get together on 10th and the Joe-Pete rugby match to be played on 11th at the Peterite grounds.


With many Old Peterites domiciled abroad joining the Peterite alumni in Sri Lanka the event is bound to be a roaring success.


Those who have still not booked their places in the different events are directed to the OBU’s friendly FB page (click here) for details.