I suppose those who know it know that there were three girls from HFC Bamba (where else?) who studied at St. Peter’s College during the years 1966 and 1967. Frances Nicholas, Jeane Ekanayake and Lilani de Silva were the three who created this record which thoug a novelty never got repeated.

After 50 long years of that frist foray into the hallowed precints at the School by the canal, the trio, now called the Peterines, decided to meet again at that school that gave them the finishing touch.

Though unfortunately no class mates could make it to a reunion, I was privileged to escort them on their rounds at the College on 24th September and the day finished at the Lounge where it was the Retro Nite.

Of the three, Frances is married to a Peterite (Alslem Perera) making them the one and only Peterite couple and that surely is a record that is unlikely to be broken.

There’s an interesting story about what happened at HFC after they came to St. Peter’s.

Frances, Jeane and Lilani had come to SPC to study mathematics for their A/Ls as they had been the only 3 from HFC to qaulify that year and the nuns being practical creatures had decided that they wouldn’t employ staff for just 3 students. However, the following year many wanting to follow in the footsteps of these 3 pioneers opted to do maths hoping to study at St. Peter’s. But the wise nuns who saw through the girls plans and since there were enough numbers, employed teachers for mathematics at HFC which put paid to the dreams of a few more who would have added to the Peterine numberes. But it was never to be and the record stays with Frances, Jeane and Lilani.

Frances and Lilani have promised to join us for the Global Peterite Reunion in March next year.

Here’s wishing them a lovely holiday and a safe trip back.
Algi Wijewickrema