President’s Message

President’s Message

My Fellow Peterites,
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we are launching the upgraded website of the OBU- coinciding with the opening of the second and third floors of the OBU Secretariat building. In 2009, I recall being asked to join the committee and started working with a dynamic vice president at the time, namely Dr Neilhaan Samaranayake. He had three questions for me – What are you? Who made you? What can you repay? The first two questions struck me quite hard and made me want to act and gave me the drive to accomplish the third.  It was HE who made me get so involved, and that led me to this position now. I serve totally as a loyal Peterite to ensure that my Alma Mater benefits from what the OBU, its committee and members do willingly through these projects.

The main focus of the upgraded site is to ensure that we link all old Peterites around the world with each other on one platform. With an effort to keep its members better connected with each other and college, and also updated on both College and OBU news, the site has been upgraded with new features like,

Easy access to the latest information on news and events on the home page
Dedicated section for OBU membership, archives & documents, merchandise and the Peterite Lounge
Personalized pages for all Foundations, Batch groups and Branches
User friendly experience across all Android and IOS platforms

The Editorial subcommittee chaired by Shiyan Jayaweera, have been busy trying to keep all members informed and updated through the website, SMS alerts, social media (Facebook, twitter) and the quarterly newsletter. I take this opportunity to request all the batch presidents, foundation presidents and  overseas batch groups to support these efforts and send in updates and events to be shared on these platforms for the information of all OBU members and past school mates as dedicated sections have been allocated in the new site for all batch groups, branches and foundations. A big “Thank you” to the Canada branch and its President Ricardo, President Themiya and UK branch , the Dubai branch and its governing body Pio, Steve and Gayton along with their two secretaries, the Australian branches and President Prasad, US (Washington) branch and President Dakshi and the Oman branch and President Hamza for all the support given to the OBU and St Peters College in all academic and sport related matters.

I would like to thank the Past Presidents Mano Chanmugam, Camillus Abeygoonewardena, Gerry De Mel, Harin Gunawardena, Roshan Dharmaratna, Dr Nicholas Jayasekera and immediate Past President Romeish de Mel l for enlightening me on the difficulties and handwork needed in taking on this important position. Finally, I have to thank my 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Committees for their dedication and most of all loyalty to me and the OBU of St Peters College in raising the bar to a whole new level. A special thank you to the Gen Secretary Ravika and Gen Treasurer Haariz for their untiring support at all times both to me and the OBU when needed.

A big thank you to Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin and the priest community for all the support and guidance given to us which helps us make the work we do for the school easier. We are indeed blessed!